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Self-diagnostic tools are an essential component of a training plan.

Consulted prior to the training, quizzes reinforce the session’s effectiveness by enhancing awareness.

Used after the training, it helps to reinforce the message and to evaluate how far you have come.

Used on a recurring basis in-house by the Human Resources Department, it enables individual training needs to be defined regularly, simply and quickly, using a very user-friendly tool.

To regularly assess your employees’ acquired knowledge and/or their training needs using specific tools adapted to your expectations, consult us.

As an example, FinHarmony invites you to check your knowledge directly online through some quizzes already done.

Couverture de change en IFRS

access_time 5 minutes

La nouvelle comptabilité de couverture en normes françaises

access_time 5 minutes


access_time 5 minutes

Introduction à la comptabilité

access_time 5 minutes

IAS 36 - Dépréciation d’actifs

access_time 5 minutes

Business Plan

access_time 12 minutes

Contrôle de gestion et performance

access_time 14 minutes

Fonctions avancées Excel

access_time 19 minutes

Business plan pour financiers

access_time 9 minutes

Création de valeur et sources de cash

access_time 6 minutes

Data Analytics 1

access_time 7 minutes

Data Analytics 2

access_time 7 minutes

Culture financière

access_time 5 minutes

Fi pour non fi - Endettement et trésorerie

access_time 5 minutes


access_time 5 minutes

Finance pour non financiers

access_time 10 minutes

Business plan pour non financiers

access_time 8 minutes

Tous gestionnaires - gestion pour managers

access_time 16 minutes