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  • FinHarmony offers its expertise to its clients to research specific technical points related to accounting and financial issues, notably as regards IAS/IFRS standards :
    - Stock-option treatment,
    - Calculation and treatment of pensions obligations,
    - Issues revealed by the implementation of IAS 32 & 39 standards,
    - Internal control,
    - The French financial security law,
    - Etc.

    FinHarmony also helps companies to achieve all projects pertaining in any way to financial harmonisation.

    Management control

    - Convergence of management control and accounting functions
    - Raising awareness of management controllers to accounting issues
    - Help in implementing cost accounting, etc


    - Analysis and measurement of specific issues (tax proof, special purpose entities, contingent liabilities …)
    - Technical expertise in business combination matters
    - Update of the accounting policy manual

    Financial instruments

    - Fair value measurement and recognition
    - Help provided to ensure mutual dialog between the financial manager and the treasury department
    - Technical analysis of embedded derivatives
    - Analysis about cash flow hedging, fair value hedging and net investment hedging
    - Measurement and validation of the effectiveness of the hedge

    Internal control

    - Review of key processes and checks
    - Mapping of risks
    - Enforcement of new European directives, of the Sarbanes-Oxley (US), NRE and LSF (FR) laws, of European regulations (IAS 2005), of the Basel committee directives and of CRBF regulations, etc

    Adaptation of accounting systems

    - Assistance in drafting the specifications for managing new GAAP
    - Help in creating new accounting procedures


    - Coaching of high-potential executives
    - Coaching in project management, etc

    Analysis of training requirements in the Financial services

    - Review of profile evolution
    - Review of usual practices
    - Draft of the action plan
    - Definition of the required curriculums


    - XBRL-formatting of your financial statements
    - Assistance in the publication of documents from XBRL data
    - Implementation of XBRL data analysis tools, etc

    Analysis of training requirements in the Financial services

    - Review of profile evolution.
    - Review of usual practices.
    - Draft of the action plan.
    - Definition of the required curriculums.