Challenging Data

Target audience

- Accounting managers
- Auditeurs internes
- Bankers / Account Managers
- Chartered Accountants, Statutory Auditors
- Consolidation and Accounting Directors
- Financial Directors and Controllers
- Financial managers
- Treasurers

1 day

New training


No necessary requisites; however to make the most of this module, it is useful to have followed the entire Data Analytics training courses.


– Take a nuanced approach to your data
– Contribute to a continuous improvement process, with a compliance mindset

Detailed content

> Data and business model

– Are the data used those needed to monitor my business?
– Filling the gap between strategy, operational levers and value creation
– Simulation: based on what-if scenarios on your business model, how fundamental variables are impacted?

> Data documentation

– How to nuance your conclusions according to data volume and reliability level
– Using fan chart to communicate your results or forecasts with confidence interval
– Managing rights access
– Saving and referencing different versions

> Data challenge and improvement loop

– Assessing data quality: where they came from, how they have been defined, and gathered, why data were been produced, when and avoiding main import “bias”
– Making managers aware the importance of challenging data
– Where to find reliable data if those gathered are not reliable or uncomplete

> Paying attention to confidentiality and GDPR policies

Why should you attend?

According to all Data analytics experts, knowing to challenge data is the most important skill that organization lack. In one day, this training gives you the key to a skill that will become crucial in the future, especially in finance.

Training methods and assessment

Presentation and discussions. Interactive and concrete business case studies in small teams combined with group discussions.
Assessment questionnaire.
A training certificate is delivered at the end of the session.

The trainer is available by e-mail and telephone to answer any follow-up questions participants may have


1020 € HT 1224 € TTC



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Jonathan C.