Implementing modeling and data analysis
  • Collaboration and relationship management - Social awareness and social relationship - Nonverbal language - Mentoring & coaching - Ability to challenge results -Influencing others – Assertiveness - Raising alert.
  • Data analytics, statistics, data analysis - Fundamental knowledge of statistics, data analysis (including correlation, regression and categorizing) and forecasting methods - Growth (decline) - Index calculations.
  • Modelling, simulation, scenarios - Know business modeling, simulation, optimization, what-if analysis
  • Spreadsheet for finance (Excel ) - Master the spreadsheet tool for finance

Target audience

- Auditeurs internes
- Consolidation and Accounting Directors
- Financial managers
- Management controllers

2 day

New training


It is recommended to be experienced on Excel. Please bring your laptop with 2010 or more.


– Discover Microsoft’s new data visualization tools and multidimensional aspects
– Get familiar with the notion of multidimensional analysis
– Take advantage of the power of Excel and Excel Pivot to create news reports and analyses
– Know how to produce analysis and synthesis out of large amounts of data

Detailed content

> Introduction

– Data revolution and controlling
– What is business Intelligence (BI)? What are the tools?
– The benefits of Power Pivot compared to stand alone Excel
– Vocabulary: dimensions, hierarchy, fact table, measures, granularity

> Designing the data model

– Designing and identifying information sources: identifying the dimensions of analysis fact tables, calculation rules and additional measures, hierarchies)
– Importing and controlling data
– Creating and managing the data model (diagram view)
– Creating hierarchies

> Using and presenting data

– Building a pivot table (chart) under Power Pivot
– Boosting your productivity in reports production
– Using the CUBE function (assembling several Pivot tables)
– Creating KPIs

Why should you attend?

Welcome to the new f data age! Data is coming to companies at remarkable speed and volume. Understanding data analytics is an essential skill for the Finance function, who can play an active role in data valorization (help make better predictions or identify the cause of certain events).
This training will walk you through discovering Microsoft « self-service » tool – Power Pivot and using it with a practical methodology to help you manipulate large amounts of data and communicate your findings.

Training methods and assessment

A lively and concrete training program. Mix of fundamental skills and illustrations with many examples drawn from the practical experience of the trainer.
Assessment questionnaire.
A training certificate is delivered at the end of the session.

The trainer is available by e-mail to answer any follow-up questions participants may have.


1630 € Excl. VAT –  1956 € Incl. VAT



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