Understanding the fundamentals of statistics for business decision
  • Spreadsheet for finance (Excel ) - Master the spreadsheet tool for finance
  • Spreadsheet for finance (Excel ) - Master the spreadsheet tool for finance
  • Spreadsheet for finance (Excel ) - Master the spreadsheet tool for finance

Target audience

X day


Prequisites : this training does not require any particular prerequisite.

– Master basic descriptive statistics
– Know and be able to use statistical tools and analysis applied in Finance

Detailed content

> Definitions and reminders

– Statistical unit, variable, population, sample
– Distribution, shape, positioning and deviation

> Building and interpreting main graphs

> In-depths

– Inference
– Main statistics tests
– Calculating a confidence range

>  Applying statistics to corporate finance

– Correlation (quantitative and qualitative variable) and intensity
– Linear regression (two or many variables) and assess its quality
– From classic curves (logarithmic, exponential, logistic, etc.) to linear function
– Building conclusive clusters or categories, and assessing their relevance
– Introduction to Bayes statistics and conditional approach

Why should you attend?

Understanding the fundamentals statistics s and related mathematical notions is now necessary to approach Data Analytics.
This training addresses the concepts in a visual and fun way to make them accessible. Most of the sessions in FinHarmony’s Data Analytics curriculum rely on the knowledge acquired in this two- day session.

Training methods and assessment

Presentation and discussions. Interactive and concrete business case studies in small teams combined with group discussions and benchmarking. Fact sheet for every statistic notion provided to participants.
Assessment questionnaire.
A training certificate is delivered at the end of the session.

The trainer is available by e-mail to answer any follow-up questions participants may have




1630 € Excl. VAT –  1956 € Incl. VAT



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