Financial levers to manage sales – Optimizing prices and margins
  • Cost estimation, costing methods - Cost estimation, costing methods (target costing, analogic, parametric, analytical), accuracy level, TCO, evolution modes
  • Financial analysis and diagnosis - Balance sheet aggregates (FRN, WCR, Cash), net debt and financial analysis ratios. Know how to analyze financial structure, liquidity and solvency.
  • Forecasting methods - Build the forecast & re-forecast, the budget, the MTP and organize forecasting cycle activities
  • Intra-co and interco, transfer pricing - Understand Intra-co and interco, as well as transfer prices
  • Modelling, simulation, scenarios - Know business modeling, simulation, optimization, what-if analysis
  • Revenues (sales) - Revenues (turnover) - Revenue recognition - Contract analysis - Performance obligation - Price allocation
  • Selling prices and margins -

Target audience

- Financial managers
- Leaders / Project Managers
- Managers non-financial
- Sales and marketing managers

2 day


This training does not require any particular prerequisite.


– Clarify financial expectations and how performance is measured through indicators
– Improve mutual understanding and collaboration between sales and financial teams
– Master advanced price-setting techniques
– Know how to analyse and explain changes in sales
– Increase ownership of profitability optimisation levers and best practices

Detailed content

> Building your revenue model

– Value proposition and revenue-generating flows
– Approaches to setting prices
– Competitive positioning

> Understanding your cost model

– Costs and their origins
– Cost estimation techniques
– An approach to management accounting and costs by function
– How customer relationship impacts the cost structure
– Fixed cost levels and volume sensitivity
– Margin on variable costs and breakeven

> Driving business with existing customers

– Sales and margin dynamic variance analysis (volume, pricing and mix)
– Sales price indexation
– Clarify what is at stake with WCR (Working Capital Requirement)
– Sales forecasting techniques

Why should you attend?

Managing customer relationship with a view to improving cash constitutes a major objective for any company. This training allows Sales Managers to understand how they can contribute to this objective in connection to their day-to-day activities for an optimized, existing commercial relationship.

Training methods and assessment

Impactful visual presentations. Experienced-based real company stories and strong link with commercial operational activities. Realistic and concrete case studies. Recommendations that inspire and motivate to action. At each step in the training, participants are involved in a self-assessment of their job practices using a matrix and define their own roadmap towards best practices.
Assessment questionnaire.
A training certificate is delivered at the end of the session.

The trainer is available by e-mail and telephone to answer any follow-up questions participants may have.


1 630 € Excl. VAT – 1 956 € Incl. VAT



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