Finance for Everyone
Income/Outcome® Business Simulations
  • Accounting and Consolidation under US GAAP - Accounting production: Know how to prepare consolidated accounts under US GAAP
  • Assertiveness & control of emotions - Assertiveness & control of emotions / self-awareness / self-management
  • Change management - Change management in finance
  • Collaboration and relationship management - Social awareness and social relationship - Nonverbal language - Mentoring & coaching - Ability to challenge results -Influencing others – Assertiveness - Raising alert.
  • Communication, conviction - Communicating & convincing in Finance – Active listening - Analytical thinking bringing value – Clarity, brevity & impact - Weak signals and meaning, in a context of infobesity - Ability to reconcile contradictory interests and manage dilemmas - Retreat and crisis situations - Strategic thinking.

Target audience

- Leaders / Project Managers
- Managers non-financial

1 day

New training


This training does not require any particular prerequisite.


– Build a big picture understanding of business
– Be able to contribute to business and finance discussions
– Understand the fundamentals of Finance: cash flows, working capital, borrowing, budgets
– Challenge everyone to the (Finance) game!

Detailed content

> Finance for Everyone teaches financial tools and concepts including:

– Basic financial statements and their management use: Income Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet
– How market conditions impact business decisions
– The difference between cash and profit
– Fixed and variable costs
– Cost structure and capacity utilization
– Budgets and cash flow forecasts
– The impact of inventory build-up
– The need to control working capital
– Ratios as metrics for management (ROA, ROI) and for performance
– Effects of strategy changes

Why should you attend?

Fun Rapid Learning
Our workshops make learning finance fun.
The method is hands-on and engaging as teams get caught up in trying to create the most successful business. The competition is challenging and intense – they go head to head on setting prices, cutting costs and adjusting strategies in reaction to changing market conditions.
At the same time, they are building a 3-D model of their financial position on the game board; this is where they play out their decisions and tally the results.
The consequences are immediate, and participants gain a big picture under¬standing of what companies need to do to be profitable. It’s fun and fast-paced, and you’ll be amazed at how much they learn in even our shortest workshops.

Training methods and assessment


Finance for everyone is a practical, connecting and engaging business simulation developed by Andromeda Simulations International in the USA.
Available in 14 languages.
Trainers are certified.
The business simulation game board uses visualization to demonstrate Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
A comprehensive booklet that discloses all structures and concepts is distributed.
The key word is to learn having fun.
Workshop assessment and action plan.

The trainer is available by e-mail and telephone to answer any follow-up questions participants may have.

1 120 € Excl. VAT – 1 344 € Incl. VAT




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