Expertise in valuation
Applied financial metrics and specific approaches in complex situations
  • Business combinations - Business combinations
  • Company Valuation - Share Value - Master company valuation and pricing methods, earn out. Price of a merger and acquisition transaction. Share valuation principles (dividends, PER, payout ratio). Equity & debt structuring.
  • Financial markets securities and cost of funds - Concepts of interest, yield rate, liquidity, inflation, capitalization, discounting, compound interest calculation, actuarial calculations
  • Financial risks: counterparty, liquidity, interest rates, exchange rates, marketable securities - Analysis, valuation, risk mapping and hedging strategy: - Counterparty risk: financial analysis and control of rating practices (internal, external) - Liquidity risk: ALM and group cash flow forecast - Interest rate risk: fixed and floating rate debt, bond issues - Foreign exchange risk: exports, imports, hedging, forward - Securities risk: dividends, acquisition and disposal of securities, trading room - Project & investment related risk Managing the identification and valuation of financial and non-financial risks
  • Merger Acquisition Transaction - Master the implementation of the merger & acquisition/disposal process (letter of intent, due diligence, acquisition audits and data room, binding offer, negotiation, closing, etc.) Understand the legal environment of the transaction
  • Modelling, simulation, scenarios - Know business modeling, simulation, optimization, what-if analysis
  • Return on Equity (ROE) and Leverage - ROE (return on equity) – – DPS (dividend per share) – Payout -TSR (total share return) – Financial leverage

Target audience

- Auditeurs internes
- Bankers / Account Managers
- Chartered Accountants, Statutory Auditors
- Consolidation and Accounting Directors
- External auditors
- Financial Directors and Controllers
- Financial managers
- M&A team members
- Treasurers

1 day

New training


We recommend mastering the fundamentals of Company Valuation, which may be acquired by attending our « Business Valuation (Executive level) » training.


– Know how to perform the main basic financial calculations
– Master risk and time factors
– Transpose this knowledge to business valuation
– Address specific cases of valuation

Detailed content

> Reminders

– Financial markets
– Financial performance
– Simple and compound interest
– Proportional and equivalent rates
– Rate curve
– Market volatility
– Return on a stock and return on a bond


– Cost of equity, CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Method) formula and beta theory
– Cost of debt, tax shield and interest rate spreads
– Weighted average cost of capital and leverage
– Impact of security size and liquidity on WACC

> Discounting

– Determining the rate
– Accounting for time and risk
– NPV theory
– Consideration of inflation
– Internal rate of return

> Special valuation methods

– Trademark, patent, separate business, goodwill (different approaches),
– Securities (mergers & acquisitions),
– Valuation of a start-up,
– Valuation of a turnaround company,
– Net asset value (distress value),
– Damage & claim assessment (in litigation situations).

> Decision making in an uncertain universe

– Variance of financial return and risk modeling, Monte-Carlo approach
– Volatility, value of a financial option and Black-Scholes formula

Why should you attend?

The practice of financial analysis and business valuation requires an understanding of the mathematical foundations underlying the calculations, particularly through the consideration of time and risk, and includes specificities related to particular contexts. This lively and dynamic module, designed as a comic strip, allows you to cover all the concepts in one day, as well as their concrete application in a spreadsheet environment. Follow the thread of our story, it will guide you to the actuarial Grail!

Training methods and assessment

Before the session: self-assessment quiz
During the session: each point covered is supported by quantified examples from practice and real-life stories. Applied work cases (including Excel models), interactive quizzes and exchanges during the session ensure that knowledge is acquired.
Downstream: The facilitator is available to answer any questions related to the training.


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