Essentials in 3 hours- CAPEX or OPEX

Target audience

- Non-financial Managers
- Non-financial members of the Executive Committee
- Projects Managers

X day

New training


This training does not require any particular prerequisite.

Equipment: a computer with a good internet access, and a camera. The training booklets and the link to the virtual classroom are available one day prior to the training delivery date.

Distance learning

– Three visuals: the trainer on video, the presentation, and a virtual paperboard
– Interactive quiz
– Maximum 6 participants
– Average assessment of our on-line trainings: 18,7/20

Detailed content

> Why are expenses that seem similar subjected to processes and treatments that are completely different?
– Impacts of OPEX or CAPEX classification on the company Profit and loss account and on budgets

> Accounting rules used to distinguish OPEX from CAPEX
– Principles and difficulties in implemnting the rules
– Practical application to investment files

> Cash-flow impacts (tax impact in particular)

Why should you attend?

CAPEX and OPEX are shortcuts that are part of numerous procurement or investment operational decisions. Are they rather accounting constraints or reflexion of the financing strategy of the company?
This training will allow you to draw a bright line between CAPEX and OPEX and to grab all the issues at stake

Training methods and assessment

During the session: presentation of the main principles, practical implications, case studies. Numerous real-life illustrations drawn from recent publications.
After the session: the trainer is available to answer any follow-up questions participants may have.


580 € Excl. VAT


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