E-Learning – Corporate financing
Tools and techniques

Target audience

- Bankers / Account Managers
- Chartered Accountants, Statutory Auditors
- Financial Directors and Controllers
- Treasurers

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New training


This training requires a basic knowledge of corporate finance. It is advisable to have completed the online training “Fundamentals of Corporate Finance”.


  • Understand the financing needs of the company
  • Know the different existing sources of funds, their characteristics, the stakeholders, and the associated risks.
  • Be able to measure the impact on the financial statements and make relevant decisions in this area


12 interactive elearning modules organized in 3 courses

  • Course 1: Context and stakes (4 modules – 1h20min)
  •   Introduction: Financing risks
  • Presentation of the different funding methods
  • The actors of financing
  •  The bank: getting to know it better to collaborate better
  • Course 2: Common financing techniques (4 modules – 1h40min)
  • Financing investments: bank loans, leasing and financial leasing, loans on assets, the players (Bpifrance and EIB)
  •  Financing the operating cycle: mobilization of trade receivables, Dailly, government receivables and factoring
  •  Bank loans
  • Other financing methods
  • Course 3: Advanced financing techniques (4 modules – 1h20min)
  • Financing investments: sale and leaseback, leveraged leasing, long-term leasing, business takeovers and transfers, Public Private Partnerships, etc.
  • Financing the operating cycle: inventory pledging, reverse factoring, export insurance, receivables management, etc.
  • Hedging of interest rate risk: controlling the cost of financing, hedging tools (FRA, CAP, COLLAR, SWAP)
  • Commitments by signature: surety bond, credit by endorsement, autonomous guarantee

Why should you attend?

This 100% online training allows everyone to progress at their own pace, concept by concept, for enhanced learning. Course 3 deepens the techniques of financing for experts.

Training approach and assessment

Teaching method and evaluation methods

This training is to be followed 100% online on the FinHarmony platform.

Its content is equivalent to 2 days of face-to-face training.

  • All the modules (from 15 to 25 min. each) are divided into 8 interactive sequences to involve the learner. They include a voice-over and videos, “trap to avoid” and “disaster scenario” sequences, and an “expert corner” to go further. An evaluation quiz at the end of each module verifies that the essential points have been retained.
  • The learner can spread his/her learning effort over the duration of the course (3 months). The courses are released as the learner progresses. Once completed, they can be taken again at will until the end of the subscription.
  • Technical and pedagogical support:
  • A forum allows the learner to communicate with the trainer.
  • A glossary (with definitions and acronyms) is permanently accessible from the menu.
  • Complementary resources are proposed in the sequences “to go further”.

A certificate is awarded to the learner when he or she completes all the courses.


Course 1+2+3 : 690 € HT

Time to complete :

3 months

Start date: Free (learner’s choice)