Understanding why Data Analytics is important for your organization

Target audience

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This training does not require any particular prerequisite.


– Understand the importance of high-quality data and its business potentials by game- changing insights
– Get familiar with tools and their application domain
– Understand how data can revolutionize your efficiency in running your business (forecast and optimization)

Detailed content

> Big Data revolution

– Definitions: Big Data, Data Intelligence and Business Intelligence – Data Science and Data Scientist
– What types of data? (structured and non-structured data)
– What is at stake? Players, economy and recent developments
– What is next for the future?

> How can Data Analytics contribute to business operations?

– From CRM to all dimensions of your company
– Recent Finance steps

> Tools for Finance

– Extract Transform Load systems (ETL)
– Storage and structuration (Data Warehouse)
– Data visualization
– What about programing? (R and Python)

>  Case studies for Finance Manager

– Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
– Descriptive analyses
– Root cause analyses situations (statistics)
– Communication and data presentations (sharing information to take decision)
– Data modelling, simulation and forecasting (predictive tools)

Why should you attend?

This course is a must-have step to understand data analytics in Finance. This one-day session will bring vocabulary, basics knowledge, discovery tools and will widen your prospective.
At the end of the session, you will be able to define your own training course.

Training methods and assessment

Presentation and discussions. Interactive and concrete business case studies in small teams combined with group discussions and benchmarking.
Assessment questionnaire.
A training certificate is delivered at the end of the session.

The trainer is available by e-mail to answer any follow-up questions participants may have.


1020 € Excl. VAT – 1224 € Incl. VAT



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