Regional express train at Tours station - France

Mandate for Public Transport of Lausanne


TL (standing for Transports publics de la région lausannoise) operate the public transportation network of users in the city of Lausanne and its agglomeration.

In the « 2025’s Vision » external and internal transformation axes have been identified to meet the challenges of new mobility’s needs and users’ expectations.

The « Finance and Supply » team wishes to develop its support role to internal partners in order to be better aligned with the 2025’s vision.

Scope and Target audience

The mandate is for the Finance and Supply department that regroups Accounting, Management control, Supply and  Legal/Insurance functions (17 employees)

4 work topics have been chosen ( Team’s identity, Withdrawing of a shared common sense, Definition of agreements on attitude and new modes of monitoring)

Interventions modalities and learning tools

2 days facilitation

Numerous workshops by team (multi-jobs) organised in the form of a journey

Providing of numerous tools to elaborate the future collective project


Elaboration and documentation by the collective project team focused on their main objectives, agreements on attitude, new roles and responsbilities (work on an example from the process « Call for tenders ») as well as new modes of governance

Elaboration of an action plan over 1 year