Mandate for Canal +: Training of Consolidation department, accountants and business controllers


The implementation of new rules for assets in statutory financial statements had to be supported by an update of knowledge in Finance department. Indeed, accountants and business controllers needed training on the notion of non-financial assets under French GAAP and IFRS.

In addition, in the context of the takeover of TPS by the Group, Canal+ has expressed the will to update accounting knowledge of members of the Coànsolidation department regarding the treatment of business acquisition.

Scope and Target audience

65 participants trained

Two-day training session for Consolidation department

One-day training sessions for accountants and business controller

Interventions modalities and learning tools

Co-design of specific parts related to Canal+ activities

Facilitating of training sessions


Highlight of key issues for Canal +

Dissemination of messages to operational people on procedures in place to ensure correct implementation of IFRS

Growing awareness of conexion between statutory financial statements and IFRS principles