Mandate for Sanofi: Mooc (Spoc): “Controlling: MyBasiscs


Sanofi needed an integration program for newcomers in management control

We have assisted Sanofi in designing the architecture and the content of this program.

Scope and Target audience

The targeted population is spread all over the world and the holding of classrooms was not an option. However Sanofi did not want an online learning material where participants would be left alone to face the challenge to learn the Group’s organization.

Interventions modalities and learning tools

We assisted in designing a SPOC (Small Private Online Course, alternative in a company to a MOOC – Massive Open Online Course):
– A six weeks program
– A 10 minutes program a week
– Personal contributions to forum
– An intermediary virtal classroom to exchange and re-energize

We have ensured training of the internal team in order to let them create by themselves some of the contents.
Last but not least, we have contributed to the implementation of the management and internal marketing of the program.


The program was launched successfully in june 2018.