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Mandate for Total: International deployment of a training of Finance for Managers


Total was looking for improving its international program «Finance for non-specialists» by bringing a learning game and more interactive methods.

Objectives of the training:
– Understand the financial key performance indicators
– Be able to read and understand the Group’s financial communication
– Understand how the company works (what are the financial cycles?)
– Know how my actions, as a manager, impact financial performance.

Scope and Target audience

All managers globally

Interventions modalities and learning tools

We have successfully conceived a two-day customized training. It engages attendees to make their ways around Total’s KPI and operational levers through a game board.

A digital version of main activities has been developed later to work on a tablet


The program was launched in 2014. The partnership with Total is still going on. Total has untrusted us since then to develop other similar programs especially in the scope of E&P