jet engine during maintenance

Mandate for Safran: Build the Business Plan


Global leader of aircraft equipment, the Group deals with fast-paced evolution technologies.

Therefore the Group must constantly decide in which project to invest its technical and financial resources and to take decsions based on expected outcomes and risk level. Thus the Business Plan is an essential tool.

Scope and Target audience

All employees involved in investment decisions (Project Managers, Sales Representants, Feasability study members) and financial members that assist in the process of elaborating and approving of business plans

Interventions modalities and learning tools

Proposition to improve the approach and the tools

Design of two training modules (Level 1 and 2)

Design of an overall business case that reproduces Safran’s environment

Facilitation of training workshops and sharing of knowledge

A qualitative and quantitative feedback is provided to Safran after each session. Participants level of satisfaction is constantly high


Harmonization of practice and development of a common langage – contribution to input data’s – promotion of a cash approach – use more relevant of risks and opportunities as well as sensitivity study