Mission for Mersen: design and delivery of a blended course for managers: « Finance Insight »


A fact: The Mersen group is looking for new sustainable financial performance levers and expects its operational managers to understand and be more involved in this field.
The objectives of the training action are 3 fold :
. to identify the operational levers to increase our level of Profitability, Return on Investment and Cash
. to make the decision-making process consistent through the use of key financial performance indicators and a common financial culture and practices within the Group
. to develop a « value creation » culture.

Scope and Target audience

This blended course was designed and implemented for operational managers and presented as such to the members of the executive committee, who gave their firm support to its implementation.

Interventions modalities and learning tools

Instructional design and development:
. Knowledge validation and orientation quizzes
. Generic and specific e-learning modules
. a 2-day face-to-face and distance learning workshop with gamification
. Post-training follow-up and evaluation


Successful rollout to 150 managers in 2020 and 2021 (more than 30 nationalities).
Continuation of the action with a larger target of 1500 managers.

« FinHarmony has been an exceptional partner for Finance Insight, the Group’s flagship financial training.
I wanted a very wide-ranging training course (from factory production orders to financial communication), which would speak to both operational and financial staff, and which would take into account Mersen’s specific issues and characteristics. I also wanted a fun course that demystified finance while highlighting the challenges of financial performance. This was a difficult challenge, but one that was largely won thanks to the Mersen-Finharmony team and an exceptional facilitator who knows the industry inside out.
The feedback from the 150 executives/managers trained (over 30 nationalities) was excellent. We have therefore decided to extend this training beyond the initial target ».
Thomas Baumgartner
CFO of the Mersen Group