Mandate for Lisi


Lisi ia a listed Group specialized in the design and manufacture of assembly solutions in three sectors : aerospace, automotive and medical.

Originally, the Finance department of the aerospace division wished to improve the understanding of implications between financial and operational managers. The goal was that the participants would acquire a minimum financial level of knowledge as well as the understanding of Group’s performance indicators.

Scope and Target audience

This training is for all Group’s operational managers that manage budgets at all levels (divisions, plants, production lines…). In a nutshell, all Group’s managers in operations or support departments.

Interventions modalities and learning tools

Class-room of 2 days training consisting of:

Day 1: Business Simulation Income/Outcome® – Playful day where participants, by team, compete to be the most flourishing company : thus, they acquire really quick basic knowledge about balance sheet, income statement, cash management as well as notions of budget, break-even point, debt capacity, ratios…

Day 2: From basics learned the day before, review of principles and indepth focus on specific issues related to Lisi’s Group. Training with drawers : 6 topics are mandatory (Budget, Investment…) and 2 are selected depending on participants’s choices made the day before. Faclitation with the support of a Group’s Financial Manager to give more indepth content to the topics adressed.


Launched as a pilot in the spring of 2018, this training is now part of  the core curriculum training of Group’s  managers and is trained 2 or 3 times a year.

The participants express their satisfaction on the mix between the team game and the content very practical and illustrated through concrete and real examples.

The Business simulation is also a good team building tool.