Mandate for Faurecia: Blended learning in Internal Control


Faurecia wished an effective training action with quick implementation to realize évident improvements in respect of basics in internal control in its global operations.

– Be aware of issues
– Learn and apply tools at my level
– Be able to deploy within my team
– Be able to assess my organization
– Become a sponsor internally

Scope and Target audience

All managers globally (plants managers, divisions managers, buyers, sales representants, etc…)

Interventions modalities and learning tools

We have conceived a blended program with e-learnings, testimonials videos at corporate level, several whiteboard videos with concrete illustrations, a prior evaluation quiz and a ½ half-day classroom session with an educational game avec un jeu followed by an ½ day workshop on the field.

Facilitation of pilot sessions and training of internal trainers.


This training has had the expected impact and has been referenced since then.