Assessment and orientation quizzes

In order to considerably improve the effectiveness of certain training actions, or to individualize a training course by concentrating on the least mastered aspects, a knowledge diagnosis is necessary.

This assessment can be carried out with tools such as:

  • questionnaires with centralized answers,
  • discussion round tables with a cross-section of future participants,
  • individual interviews.
  • cross-tabulation of function/expertise in the relevant field
  • but also, with a simple and effective tool: the self-diagnostic quiz

For many years, we have developed a methodology for designing assessment quizzes that today allows us to have a wide range of questions, including those in your fields, and has given us a great deal of experience in designing questions that are pedagogically meaningful.

The e-Quiz FinHarmony’s tool is available online, it can integrate your logo, and be adapted to your graphic charter.

In return, the participant receives an assessment with feedback and commented pedagogical features to support corrections.

As an option, we offer a self-assessment by the participant on the target skills. In this case, the return shall be supplemented by a feedback radar which gives the learner a graphic vision of his or her skills versus the objective assessment result..