FinHarmony has a wide experience in e-learning, and we have designed for several of our clients specific e-learning programs, integrated or not in a SPOC format course.

Our partnership will be articulated in 8 steps:

  1. Definition and validation of aims with your teams
  2. Validation with your CIO and your training services on the choice of the LMS environment, formats, hosting mode, access modalities for participants, and the sharing of responsibilities between us in this area
  3. Co-design of the synopsis with your teams using online collaborative “visual thinking” tools (such as mind-mapping, user story map, empathy map, business modeling). We can also handle the overall process, and offer you proposals.
  4. Proposal of a graphic environment in line with your graphic charter and creation of templates for validation.
  5. Realization of the storyboard with the voice-over text, the animations, the interactive activities, the possible integrated whiteboard videos, and the complementary elements on navigation, access to resources, etc.
  6. Voice research and selection with you of actors whose voice is appropriate to the context
  7. Integration under Storyline 3 (or other software if you wish) and possible consultation in html on our servers for review and validation by you.
  8. Delivery in SCORM format, test and launch

We have many examples of achievements to share with you.