Our team has developed a competence in designing complete business cases adapted to training.

Our cases:

  • reflect the real environment
  • are progressive, complexity is introduced in stages
  • allow participants to simulate and see the impact of their action
  • have a qualitative presentation and graphic environment
  • support the training session step by step
  • sare adapted to your terminologies and indicators

And your participants can keep them at the end of the training session!

Some illustrative cases that we have designed:

  • Calculation and simulation of price, volume, mix and churn impacts in a product portfolio at the level of sales and operating margin (all business segments)
  • Growth modeling, impact on revenue and margin, break-even point evolution, pace and cost of new customer acquisition, customer erosion
  • Modeling of mass market promotional operations (volume uplift and ROI of the promotion)
  • Modeling of price elasticity, substitution effect, formats, impact on sales and margin (mass market and luxury)
  • Modeling of the evolution of the operating profit and explanatory bridge by origin of cause
  • Calculation of a sales price index and a purchase price indext
  • Modeling of volume forecasting techniques
    • The moving average
    • Exponential smoothing
    • Trend projection
    • Linear regression
    • Consideration of seasonality
  • Simulation under a stabilization (or decrease) constraint of the indebtedness:
    • maximum level of growth?
    • minimum margin and cash flow level?
    • Required level of asset turnover?
  • Simulation of the optimal level of revenue growth to optimize ROCE over 3 years
  • Profitability study of an industrial investment project with:
    • forecast P&L account (built on operational input data)
    • planning of investments and residual values
    • WCR (built on rotation assumptions)
    • cash flow (periodic and cumulative curve)
    • forex impact
    • calculation and visualization of profitability indicators (payback, MCO, IRR, NPV)
    • study of risks and opportunities
    • matrix for bridging two versions of the study
    • setting up of financing (optional)
    • vision of shareholder return (optional)
  • Sensitivity analysis of a project’s profitability as a result of controlled working capital variables (customer and supplier payment terms, inventory turnover, advance payments), search for optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis of a project’s profitability to the variability of time (planning) and cost assumptions (Monte-Carlo method)
  • Complete construction project modeling with all levers and metrics of program management (WBS, Gantt, baseline cost estimate, cost breakdown structure, actual costs, WP completion, earned value, cost and schedule variance, cost and schedule performance index, estimate at completion, planning variance analysis by origin)
  • Complete oil & gas project modeling with all levers and metrics of exploration/production activity (CPP, cost oil, profit oil, excess oil, mining royalty, interest bearing), advanced simulation of the effects and calculation of variances
  • Complete concession project modeling of all levers and metrics of the BOT activity

Ask us to create your educational template adapted to your business model.

There are no limits to what we can do together!