Bespoke instructional design

Strong faith convictions

The training should first and foremost meet companies needs and seek the achievement of expected benefits.

Thus, objectives must be formalized, validated and measurable (even if they are not always measured).

For us, the method is fundamental.

« The method does not give ideas to those who don’t have any, but it allows those who do have to bring them to fruition. »

Company learners are professional adults. They do not learn the same way as students, and they do not have the same capacity to absorb theory.

Therefore, training will constantly refer to practice, it must demonstrate its usefulness, foster exchanges and favor intrinsic motivation.

« Tell me, I will forget – Show me, I will understand – Involve me, I will remember »

A little bit of humility

Reality is more complex than theory. For training to be effective in the field, it is not enough to give tools and make case studies, because they do not capture all the complexity of reality.

We bet on intelligence: practice cannot do without concepts, and our trainings are organized from the general to the particular.

« The map is not the territory »

Training adapts to the content, not the other way around. We treat projects with a fresh eye and are relatively agnostic as to the pedagogical tools to adopt.

This is how we can be creative for our customers.

« Media is the message »

Our approach consists first of all in integrating into your teams and understanding your context.

Hence, our trainings reflect the reality of your company with regard to your stakes, using your indicators and proposing case studies based on your data.

« Our content is your content »

Portal illustration of a blended path on internal control