Programs for a specific need

Understanding, illustration and implementation in your company, in relation to your issues, with your indicators case studies based on your data.

Our main fields of expertise

IFRS and Financial Accounting

International Accounting Standards, Consolidation and Financial Instruments

Management Control

Operational management control techniques in industrial, service, R&D, sales and marketing environments.

Business Plan

Long-term contracts management, projects financial modeling, costs to completion estimation and management, risks and opportunities, sensitivity study

Finance for non-financials

Understanding of Corporate Finance and appropriation of operational levers for Executives, Managers, Project Managers, Salespeople and Buyers.

Data Analytics for financials

Financial Data acquisition and analysis..
Statistical tools for management

Advanced projects for financials

Project cost/delivery control, acquired value, advanced simulation (Monte- Carlo), offer submission, costing of deviations.

Business Partner

Financial Business Partner’s role and position, assertiveness, effective communication and his team’s skills development.

Judgement and decision-making

Relevant financial decision-making, risks perception, ambiguity and the use of  judgement

Training methods

We offer all training methods (possibly combined in Blended Learning) to optimize the cost-effectiveness ratio.

Our main sectorial expertises