Client services

We capitalize on our experience, combining finance, treasury, management control, and accounting expertise to provide accurate and practical support to our customers.

Accounting Standards Services: we make recommendations in a transaction, or the setting-up of a contract

keyboard_arrow_right We analize the impact on financial statements under US GAAP, IFRS or French strandards

keyboard_arrow_right If needed, we will assist you answering the AMF’s grievance letter.

Cost Management Services: we help you implementing a new costing model, a standard costing approach, cost performance measurement tools or a cost optimization approach, a pricing methodology or a margin tracking tool

keyboard_arrow_right  Among a panel of professionals with various backgrounds and expertise, we carefully select a team to provide you with relevant, reliable and user oriented tools.

Financial Modeling Services :  we design data-driven financial modeling tools which integrate your leading indicators, enable decision-making and are optimization-oriented.

keyboard_arrow_right We master all these techniques and provide you with the best practises in this field.

Internal control and Compliance Services: wheter on a particular procedure or as part of a more global change (IFRS project, financial reoganization, costing methodology …)

keyboard_arrow_right We help you identify financial choices and their consequences.

Skills management services: defining a skills (and macro-skills) repository in relation to the key missions and activities of your teams, implementing a training strategy, a Corporate University, designing an “action learning”, a “learning expedition” or simply, coordinating the development of training materials

keyboard_arrow_right We have experience of this type of mission and references to present to you.