Whiteboard videos

Rapid Learning videos on streaming

A long-standing experience

For several years now, we have been developing an innovative tool: the educational “Whiteboard video”. It consists in a short drawn video (3 to 5 minutes long) which passes on an impactful message as a ” storytelling “.

Videos available off the shelf:

Corporate Finance and Controlling
• Firm financial cycle
• P&L and key profitability indicators
• Breakeven, margin squeeze and scissor effect
• Solvency and Liquidity
• Tree of value creation (operational levers and ROCE)
• ROCE and growth for global performance
• How operations impact WCR
• Free Cash Flow

Financial Accounting – IFRS
• Goodwill
• Dilution gain or loss (why there is none under IFRS)
• How does a forward work?
• Employee benefit plans (defined contribution plans/defined benefit plans)
• IAS 19 fundamentals (a 3-step process: measurement of the defined benefit obligation/deduction of plan assets/recognition of the provision)
• IFRS 9 (classification of financial instruments and impairment of loans)
• IFRS 16 (the new leases standard)
• Summary of deferred tax (understanding deferred tax)
• Accounting for stock option plans (understanding the 4 types of plans)
• IAS 19 waterflow (benefit obligation on one side and plan assets on the other side)
• IAS 37 decision tree (the 3 criteria for provision recognition)
• Negative rates
• Defered tax in 3 questions

• La fraude au président
• Bank reconciliations
• The learning path (pedagogue, learner and expert)

For private access to these videos, please consult us.

Your bespoke video

We can design your own videos with a specific focus, as we have done before for Danone, Adéo and Faurecia, among others.