What happens if I have to cancel the training?


Up to 10 calendar days before the start of the training, registration can be cancelled or postponed at no charge, provided that we are notified. If you cancel within this period, you will receive a full refund of the fees paid in advance, but if you cancel less than 10 days before the start of the training, you will receive a full refund.


What happens if I have to interrupt the training?


For any training that has started, the full registration fee is due.


Can I get a replacement if the training is unavailable?


Yes, without any problem.
In the event that a registered person cannot be present, he or she can be replaced by a person from the same company at any time and at no cost.

How can I be sure that the training corresponds to my level?

The objectives, prerequisites, target audience and content of each training course are listed on its description sheet. However, if you need a personalized advice, or if you hesitate between several training courses according to their level, do not hesitate to call our training advisors, they will guide you in your choice.


How to know the prerequisites of the training course?

The prerequisites of each training course appear on its description sheet, but if in doubt, consult us!


How to know the detailed content?

The detailed program of each training course is listed in the description sheet


What if I want to follow a training course that is no longer in the catalog? ?

The “car-pooling” training course is then made for you!
We can also organize for you the training in the form of an individual session, at the date that suits you. Please contact us for rates.


What if I can’t find a date that suits me?

The “car-pooling” training course is then made for you!
We can also organize for you the training in the form of an individual session, at the date that suits you. Please contact us for rates.

Should I bring my laptop?

Obviously not. If you need to bring it, you will be informed when receiving your convocation.


What time do the training sessions start in the morning?

Our training sessions start at 9 a.m. You are kindly invited to arrive at 8.45 am for a welcome breakfast (hot drinks, orange juice, pastries).


What time do the training sessions end in the evening?

Our training sessions usually end at 6pm.


Are there any breaks scheduled during the day?

Yes, training sessions include a mid-morning break, a mid-day lunch break, and a mid-afternoon break. Hot and cold drinks are available, and participants can also use these breaks to connect to their phones or laptops using the free wifi that our premises are equipped with.


Is it possible to go out for lunch independently of the group?

Of course you did. While having lunch with the group is encouraging because it encourages exchange, it is never mandatory.


Is it possible to have a vegetarian meal, or follow a diet?

The area of our premises, where training courses take place, offers a wide range of restaurants. The choice of lunch location is made each morning in common between the trainer and the participants, at the beginning of the session. It is always possible for participants to inform us of any dietary restrictions at that time, and the choice of restaurant will then be adapted.
Is it possible to organize the training session at my company’s premises?

Yes, all of our inter-company training courses can be organized in-house at your company’s premises, on the date of your choice. We can also set up a ” bespoke ” training course for you, by defining the content with you, based on your specific requirements.


Is it possible to organize the training in another language?

Within the framework of an in-company or bespoke action (see previous question), it is indeed possible to set up training in a language other than French.


Do you have separate men’s and women’s washrooms?



Are you equipped with first aid in the event of a health accident?

Yes, our premises are equipped with a defibrillator.

Are your training courses eligible for continuing vocational training provisions?

Yes, all our training courses are eligible for continuing vocational training.


Are your training sessions certifying?

The “Visa for IFRS” and “Visa for Consolidation” programs give rise to a certificate ( delivered by the “Ordre des Experts-Comptables” and the “Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes” for the former, and by FinHarmony for the latter.


Is your company registered as a training organization?

Yes. FinHarmony is registered as a training organization under number 117 535 80 775.


Is your training organization registered on DataDock?

Yes, FinHarmony, in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Decree, is referenced on Datadock.

Can we stay at your premises at the end of the day after the training?

Yes, if you wish and make a request to the trainer, you can stay in the training room after the end of the session until 7pm.


Will I be given a training material?

Yes, every participant in our training sessions is given all the training materials (booklet of slides facilitating note-taking, appendices, illustrations, practical cases).


Do you provide corrections to case studies?

Yes, all cases stusies made during the session have a statement and a correction given to the participants.


Can we get in touch with the trainer beyond the session to answer questions?

Yes, the trainer is available, if possible by e-mail, at the end of the training to answer any question related to the training.


Do you deliver a training certificate at the end of the session?

Yes, a training certificate is systematically given to the trainee at the end of the session.


Do you offer the trainee the opportunity to evaluate the training at the end of the session?

Yes, each trainee is invited to answer an assessment questionnaire at the end of the session.


Can a trainee keep a copy of the evaluation form?

Yes, you only have to ask the trainer at the end of the session.