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FinHarmony’s team

  • - FinHarmony’s clients enjoy a personalized input of technical skills, method, and creativeness to conduct successfully their projects relating to financial information. FinHarmony provides companies with tailored solutions involving training, consulting, coaching and technical support.

    - FinHarmony employs its own team of specialists, ensuring consistency for all assignments in France and short worldwide assignments.

    - For bigger international missions, FinHarmony has developed its own network of specialists. All have been working over ten years in international, multi-referential environment. Assignments are regularly carried out in English. Our team makes it possible to also work (an deliver training in) : French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Brazilian, and Mandarin.

    - Also, through FinHarmonyPartners, FinHarmony has gathered seasoned specialists in France who have been working over ten years within an international, multi-referential environment.

    - All our specialists combine both technical and educational expertise.