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FinHarmonyDiag Press release - 07/01/05

  • The staff of the IASCF have reviewed and approved the on-line diagnostic tool "FinHarmony-Diag".


    The staff of the IASCF* have reviewed and approved the on-line diagnostic tool “FinHarmony-Diag®”

    After an extensive review, the staff of the IASCF* have deemed worthy of their label the FinHarmony-Diag®. on-line diagnostic tool

    IAS/IFRS** : A world-wide issue, a deadline for Europe

    The transition to IAS/IFRS** standards is, both for accounting and financial communication, a major challenge for companies, whether listed or not.

    Resulting in major changes in the elaboration as in the drafting of financial communication elements, the new international standards have set higher levels both of content and presentation of information.

    To this day, no other tool approved by the international regulatory body made it possible for financial management teams and auditors to ensure the compliance of their financial documents and statements with IAS/IFRS**

    A unique tool designed for accounting and financial communication professionals

    The only on-line diagnostic tool reviewed and approved by the staff of the IASCF*, FinHarmony-Diag® is an interactive check-list designed for an extensive, quick and sure review of your financial statements’ compliance with IAS/IFRS** in terms of financial information disclosure.

    Key features :

    - An intelligent questionnaire : a series of preliminary questions sets a scope limited to the sole issues relevant to the company ;
    - Updated on a regular basis with over 450 questions and 800 checking items based on the “stable plat-form” applicable from 2005 ;
    - Easy to use, thanks to multiple entry points into the questionnaire : by standard, by financial document, by item, by issue, by given answer ;
    - Systematic cross-referencing to the corresponding standard’s text through a dynamic link ;
    - Easy use of results : the tool allows for a simple rendering of all checks as charts and detailed reports, the parameters of which are fully customisable ;
    - Available in French and English, and soon to be released in German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch ;
    - No software to install, a mere Internet browser is enough ;
    - A FinHarmony Hotline to overcome any technical difficulty.

    Concerned users

    Anyone involved in an IAS/IFRS transition project : Consolidation Manager, Financial Director, IAS/IFRS Project Manager, Financial Communication Manager, Auditor, Consultant, etc.

    ** IASCF : International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation (
    * IAS/IFRS : International Accounting Standards/International Financial Reporting Standards


    FinHarmony the corporate world

    For 4 years, FinHarmony, whose team of experts is particularly acknowledged on the topic of IAS/IFRS standards, has been coaching companies throughout their financial harmonisation projects through two types of service : consulting and training.

    FinHarmony and France’s accounting regulatory bodies

    To ensure the concrete and extensive training of their members to the new accounting standards, Conseil Supérieur de l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables and Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes have called on FinHarmony and HEC Management (France’s leading business school) to prepare and deploy the “Visa pour les IFRS“ programme. This 150-hour programme broaches on the whole corpus of standards and their implications from a chartered accountant and auditor’s perspective.

    Les IAS/IFRS en substance

    A condensed version of the IAS/IFRS standards - in French - was necessary to partake in their dissemination. In a pocket format, co-edited with Expert Comptable Média, this opus can be taken along by any accountant or financial manager involved in such a transition.

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