Shared Services Center (SSC) and ERP
  • Change management - Change management in finance
  • Internal control - Know and implement internal control policies and the associated control system. Know how to carry out an internal control operation. Fundamental processes and concepts of internal control (COSO, segregation of duties, delegation, etc.).
  • CSP, ERP - Shared Services Center (CSP) and link with ERP
  • Accounting standards and methods files - Know how to prepare accounting standards and methods files, carry out prospective studies and perform impact analyses.
  • Operational flows and processes -
  • Gestion des compétences financières - "Finance professions, Competencies and macro-competencies, Missions and key activities, Skills assessment, levels: basic knowledge (declarative), standardized application in context, complex application in context, expertise (ability to share and evolve knowledge), Career paths and development.
  • Accounting production - Accounting production: Know how to implement the accounting processes within the scope of responsibility (personnel costs, PM purchases, other purchases, investments, inventories, product sales, other sales, financial and treasury operations, declarations to third parties).

Understanding and implementing

Target audience

- Internal auditors
- Management controllers
- Consolidation and accounting managers
- Financial managers and controllers
- Chartered accountants, statutory auditors
- Accounting managers
- Financial managers

1 day


No special prerequisites are required.


- Gain an overview of the organization of an SSC
- Identify the risks and opportunities of setting up a CSP
- Understand the structure and use of ERPs in the context of CSPs and dematerialization


> Setting up a shared services center (SSC): for which entities, for which services?

> Challenges, risks and opportunities for CSPs

- Risks during implementation: managing the changeover (organizational and, often, system changes) and keeping historical data
- Risks at cruising speed: identifying and processing transactions, managing staff turnover
- Centralizing processes and maintaining proximity to internal and third-party customers: geographical and systems aspects

> CSP organization principles

- Internal control principles
- Organization, task segregation, workflow
- Definition and monitoring of performance indicators
- Service Level Agreement (SLA): a tool for stakeholders
- Accounting and other SSCs

> An ERP tool to support the implementation of accounting SSCs

- Definition and sizing
- General principles of ERP organization
- Finance and Control modules: dematerialization, automation of transactions and identification of manual processing; data restitution and control

Why choose this course?

Setting up shared service centers (SSCs) is not just for large groups. New procedures and organization, the creation of SSCs impacts on the roles and responsibilities of everyone: accounting and financial staff, of course, but also operational and sales staff. This one-day training course provides an overview of the main changes brought about
induced by the implementation of this organization.

Teaching and assessment methods

During the session : presentations, illustrations drawn from real-life situations, exchanges and development of action plans to ensure that knowledge is acquired.
After the session: the trainer is available to answer any questions relating to the training.


1,240 EXCL. TAX



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