Instructional design/engineering

Our beliefs

Training is financed by the company, so it must above all meet its needs. Objectives must be formalized, validated and measurable (even if they are not always measured).

For us, method is everything.

"The method doesn't give ideas to those who don't have them, but it does enable those who do to bring them to fruition".

They're adults who learn. They don't learn in the same way as children, nor do they have the same capacity to absorb theory.

Training must be constantly linked to practical experience, demonstrating its usefulness and encouraging exchange.

"Tell me, I'll forget; show me, I'll understand; involve me, I'll remember".

Points of humility

Reality is more complex than theory. For training to be effective in the field, it's not enough to provide tools and case studies, because they don't capture the full complexity of reality.

We are committed to intelligence: practice cannot do without concepts, and our training courses are organized from the general to the specific.

"The map is not the territory".

Training adapts to the content, not the other way around. We approach projects with a fresh eye, and are relatively agnostic as to which pedagogical approach to adopt.

This is how we can be creative for our customers.

"The medium is the message

Our approach is first and foremost to integrate ourselves into your teams and understand your challenges.

In this way, our training courses illustrate the reality of your business in terms of your challenges, with your indicators and practical case studies based on your data.

"Our content is your content".

Portal illustration of a blended course on internal control