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That's why we're committed to working alongside you to ensure that your finance management teams develop their skills and talents.

To achieve this goal,

  • We assign dedicated contacts from the definition of the need to the realization of the project.
  • Experts in our fields and business professionals, we are committed to making complex subjects accessible to empower your employees.
  • We choose the most appropriate teaching methods


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Currency hedges under IFRS

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Mergers and spin-offs

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Business Plan

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Financial culture

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Videos - Testimonials

The back-office managers of SFIL had the intuition that they needed not only to train their teams in their job, but also to give them the keys to understanding the financial and banking environment in which they work. What better way to do this than with a game?


"The two very positive things that stand out: firstly, it's not a turnkey training course plastered on our reality, it's really something that took into account our specificities, and [secondly] there was this playful side with the games, the quizzes which obviously worked very well."

François Laugier - SFIL

Videos - Testimonials

How to provide "Finance Insight" training for more than 250 managers despite the COVID crisis, and take advantage of 100% virtual training to increase the number of training courses worldwide? This was the challenge taken up by FinHarmony for Mersen.


"At FinHarmony, he has a great quality which is this ability [...] to be able to talk to the CFO, the executive committee and to be able to talk to all the field managers. There's this ability to adapt the discourse and adapt the training axes, even if the training is the same, according to the audience. It's a real 'finance marketing' approach [...] that FinHarmony has developed."

Charles-Henri Vollet - Mersen Group

Videos - Testimonials

FinHarmony also provides consulting services to its customers. Clarifying the application of IFRS, finding simple implementation solutions, drafting accounting procedure manuals... This is the work FinHarmony has been carrying out for several years for FDJ


"In any case, [FinHarmony] is very attentive, very educational and very pragmatic. And that's what's very important, to be very pragmatic with issues that are sometimes very complicated but that you have to translate into the accounts and that you have to know how to translate into the information systems often."

Dominique Defache - FDG

Videos - Testimonials

At FinHarmony, we spare no effort in creating solid, coherent and memorable blended learning programs with our customers. For example, our mission at GEODIS. Thank you Ana Csiky for this great testimonial to FinHarmony's creativity!


"I have to admit that in addition to the quality of FinHarmony's training courses and trainers, the ability to carry out, to design a training course that is not just presented in person but is virtual, the quality of micro Learning and e-Learning are something that for us was innovative."



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